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Lesvos is the third largest Greek island and is located in the northern Aegean, opposite Aivali. It has triangular shape and two deep bays, larger than Kalloni and smaller than Geras.

The island has transport links, by ferry and air, with Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Volos, Kavala, Alexandroupolis and the islands of Limnos, Chios Samos, Ikaria, Kos, Rhodes, Crete, Turkish coasts and European cities from the Port of Lesvos or Port Mitilini and Lesvos airport or Odysseas Elytis National Airport of Mytilene.

A rental car from Imperial Car Rental will make your trips on the island easy and fast.

Lesvos is inhabited since the Palaeolithic Age, as stone tools testify more than 780,000 years ago. Some Neolithic settlements have been located on the island and in Termi, a large coastal prehistoric settlement dating back to 3200 BC, an urban center with blocks of flats and cobbled streets.

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The Pelasgians first lived in Lesvos, then the Achaeans and the Aeolians. It is occupied by the Persians, liberated by Alexander the Great, later dominated by the Romans, and developed during Byzantine times. It is ravaged by various raiders, occupied by the Genoese, destroyed by the Turks and released in 1912.

Tour the whole island with the rental car of Imperial Car Rental and get to know its beauties, starting from the capital Mytilene, one of the oldest cities in Greece, built on seven hills, on the southeastern end of the island. The center of Mytilene is adorned with beautiful churches such as the 17th-century Metropolis with the Gothic-style bell tower and the imposing Saint Therapes, from gorgeous listed mansions of various architectural styles, while a stroll in the scenic neighborhoods, the waterfront and the traditional market, the Ancient Harbor of Epano Skala, the Ancient Theater in Kamares, the Kiosk and Surada, and the Roman Aqueduct of Moria, just outside the city.

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With the Imperial Car Rental you will be able to visit the center of Lesvos with its picturesque mountain villages and the coastal settlements and towns of the island such as Agia Paraskevi with the Ionian Temple of Mesos and the ancient temple of Klopedis, Plomari with the harbor Plomari, Vatera, Polichnitos, Kalloni and Skala Kalloni, Eressos and Skala Eresos, the magnificent Sigri, Mithymna or Molyvos, one of the most beautiful medieval castles in the world, Skala Sykamia, Asomatos, Mantamados, impressive Stone,

The mountains of Lesvos, Olympos and Leptitymnos, the dense olive groves, the splendid beaches, the numerous springs, the waterfalls, the dense aquatic vegetation, the hot springs, the important Kalloni and Gera wetlands, the salt pits and the fossil forest of Sigri was buried beneath the lava of the volcano millions of years ago, one of the rarities of the world, make the island special and enchant the visitor.

Imperial Car Rental Rentals will quickly bring you to the many beautiful beaches of Lesbos.

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Unforgettable beaches await you to enjoy: the beautiful shores of Tsakmakia and Agios Ermogenis in Mytilene, Charamida, Kouklia, Kanoni, the exotic Dora, organized beaches in Mithymna or Molyvos, silver with crystal clear water in Eftalou with the thermal springs, the beautiful sandy beach in Tartus of Gera Bay and Skala Kalloni, swimming under the castle of Sigri and Faneromeni, youthful groups on the organized beach of Skala Eressos. Families prefer Petra, Vatera, Anaxos, while the tranquility is ideal for the beaches of Tsonia, Hroussos, Chryssi Akti and Antissa.

Lesvos is an island that will impress and love you, as you discover its beauties by exploring it aside with the Imperial Car Rental car rental service.

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